Afrobeat Videos is an online Afrobeat Video Pool and music supplier that provides afrobeat music video extendz, edits and VJ toolz primarily for licensed DJs/VJs, clubs and non-broadcast professionals.  All content on Afrobeatvideos.com is not available to the general public at large and is for promotional use.
The original artists/labels retain all copyright over the content available here. We are not claiming ownership of any of the original work. We are offering you a service to prepare the extendz, edits, mashups etc from music videos you already own or have access to. We make the edits, extendz and cut out the breaks, skits etc to make the videos mixable, club friendly and to save you the time.
By accepting Afrobeat Videos terms you certify that you are a professional DJ/VJ and will use the content obtained on afrobeatvideos.com for no other purpose other than professional purpose, and you will not share, resell, post, redistribute or trade your downloads or content obtained on afrobeatvideos.com. Doing so will get you banned permanently from afrobeatvideos.com without any prior written notice. All content/videos on Afrobeatvideos.com are coded and can therefore be tracked and traced back to the downloader (member).     
Afrobeat Videos has no refund policy and do not guarantee any amount of uptime, if we are down for 1 day or one month it is up to the member to cancel, but there can be no refund, no matter the reason, after you have been charged for a specific subscription period.  

DJs/VJs may maintain the use of the content supplied to them by Afrobeat Videos as a library during the duration of their membership for promotional use only. Afrobeat Videos and its agents retain the right to recall all content at the termination of this agreement or at any time thereafter and or upon demand of the record label, artist or copyright holders.
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